ADD LIFE EXPERIENCE TO YOUR CV – Or risk looking Bland.

 Photo 11-09-2015 08 31 31Life experience is always of value. Travels, a gap year, volunteering, training and being in a sports team etc all give you valuable life skills that transfer well to your work life so don’t forget to put them on your CV.

We see many ‘blank’ CVs from those embarking on their first job. With many that have as much content as an empty crisp packet. BORING. But when we drill it down, they’ve omitted great skills and experiences.

Travels can give you organising and negotiating skills as you plan your trip and negotiate your way through countries that may have a different language from you. A volunteer job will give you people skills, and perhaps money handling skills. Being in a sports team with have given you ‘team player’ and perhaps leadership skills.

So head off on that gap year, volunteer and play a sport, participating in life can add to your CV as much as education and training does.


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