Chef shortage…

Chefs you are in great demand. There’s been a reported shortage of Chefs in London in 2015, 2016 and now the media alerts us that Brexit will worsen the Chef shortage.

The Evening Standard (2 February 2016) reported that ‘by the year 2020, the UK will be 11,000 chefs short…….(and) in the last year alone, half of catering colleges have seen chef course enrolment figures fall by half, and with it, the number of chef apprentices too’.

What are the solutions? Le Cordon Bleu London Scholarship Award launched on 2 February is one initiative. But what else can be done to tackle the low numbers going into the sector. The media paints it as a pretty ‘sexy’ industry to work in, but in reality the long hours and low pay of an entry level chef ‘Commis Chef’ mean many don’t stay at it.

What are consequences for our fabulous foodie city?

Food for thought!!


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