About us

Workcoup is a social media driven Job Site.

We provide an instant online resource connecting job seekers to recruiters for temporary, fixed term, part time, seasonal and flexible work of a one off or ongoing nature.

We cover all sectors.

Workcoup….bringing recruitment to the social network. 


Advertise your job vacancy across multiple social media platforms and our Job Board for FREE.

We let you get creative.  Promote your job (and business) in words, pictures or by video sharing.

Workcoup….promoting your jobs via social media.


Workcoup is totally mobile and built for you to find your next job on your phone or tablet on the go.

Receive Job alerts via social media for instant job news.

Apply for jobs creatively with a photo, link or video. Cv’s are optional.

Workcoup……find your next job via your social pages.

About us?

Workcoup is a social media driven Job Site. You choose how you want to hear about the latest jobs. Email, social media alerts or both.

Workcoup is a Job Site dedicated to advertising jobs of a casual, temporary, flexible or part time nature. Your availability for work could be one off shifts, seasonal jobs, on going work or gap year employment. Our aim is to link you to jobs that fit around studies, travels and life.

We link you to jobs across all sectors.

Our aim is to get job news to you fast and the quicker way to do this is by social media alerts. Casual jobs tend to fill quicker due to their nature, so by alerting you to a vacancy sooner, your application and start date can be earlier.

Why register for work with Workcoup?

We are passionate about living up to our tagline. Casual Job Hookups. Instantly.
What are the BENEFITS to you?

No cost
Job Alerts via social media
We support the Job Seeker of casual, temporary, flexible, fixed term and seasonal work.
Quick & Easy to register and create a profile
CV’s optional
Relevant job news and links.

Our site has a light hearted social media feel to it because hooking up to a casual job should be fun, flexible and fairly Instant.

How Workcoup works?

You search advertised jobs and apply via the link. Most jobs have a Recruiters web and social pages so you check them out, then apply.